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Before you start the website creation and design, please register and open your free Account

To be able to create your websites, please register and open personal account with us - click here to register.
Upon successful registration you will receive notification email with activation link. Follow the link to activate your account.

To build website give it a Name and select a Template

Enter a desired name of the website and pick up one template from the list of Templates.
The name for your website will be the first part of the domain, like:

You may change this name at any time, after you website already created.

Customize visual appearance of the website

The website can be edited online any time with your user account, regardless of its state. If the site is published and you continue editing then the revised version of the site's page appears on Internet immediately after you click 'Save Page' on the Administrator's Panel.

In the Edit Mode you will see your website exactly as it will look like for regular visitors. Hovering mouse pointer over the page's editable elements, will highlight them. Double click on element to launch HTML and Style editors to customize the element. Use 'Administrator Panel' to maintain site's pages, to reconfigure common style of the page
or the site's common frame.

Publish website online and add your own users

When you typed your text on pages, click "Publish" button on Administrator Panel.

Any changes on the site will become publicly visible as soon as you hit "Save" button.

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